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Seminar #1 : Spring Seminar & Happy Hour

Featuring Dennis Temko and Hon. Patti Ratekin - Statutory Interpretations; Judi Curtin, CFLS, AAML & Steven E. Briggs, CFLS, AAML - Relocation in the Modern Age; Brian P. Brinig, JD, CPA/AVB, ASA  & Judge William Howatt, Ret. - Marital SOL for Spousal/Child Support of ...


Summer Seminar & Happy Hour

With Ronald S. Granberg, AAML, CFLS Moore Marsden:  Why No One Gets It; Steve Temko, AAML, CFLS, Justice Patricia Guerrero & Justice William S. Dato - Appealing Your Case?  Not So Fast!: Andrew J. Botros, Mike Shea Award - Ethics in Family Law; Case Updates:  Les...


Fall Seminar & Happy Hour

Featuring:  Tony Yip, MBA, CPA/ABV & Hon. Cynthia Freeland – Know Your Options; Saul Gelbart, CFLS, AAML, IAML - Closing Arguments: Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis – Use & Abuse of Privilege: Judges’ Panel on Courtroom Practices. 4.0 MCLE/CFLS credi...


Seminar #4 : Winter Seminar & Happy Hour

Seminar features Garrett Dailey, CFLS, AAML, IAML along with Damon Forney & Hon. Enrique Camarena - Finding Support for Your Argument on Support; Steven N. Sparta, PhD & Hon. Patti Ratekin – Therapists, 730 Custody Evaluators & Parent Coordinators – Whom to ...

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